History of the Society

 A group of friends doing genealogical research at the Family History Center discussed how they believed that if they dug enough, they would find that most Hispanics in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas were related.  From that discussion grew the idea of forming a genealogical group to help each other with information. Ofelia Olsson, Frances Sauceda and Irene Silva approached the local genealogical society to ask them if they would support a group of people specializing in Hispanic genealogy, with a separate meeting date and time. They agreed and the Hispanic Genealogy Group was born in January of 2008. After two and a half years as the Hispanic Genealogy Group of the Tip O’Texas Genealogical Society, members decided to form their own society. The Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society was incorporated in July of 2010.  Founding members were Ofelia Olsson, Frances Sauceda, Irene Silva, and Santos Canales.

Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society

Board of Directors:

Mary Torres President
Toni Garza, Vice President
Ofelia Olsson, Secretary
Annie Barrera, Treasurer

Board Members:
Dominga Anguiano

Celia Quintanilla

Andreina Muniz

Mary Ester Guillen - Newsletter Editor

Indexing Coordinator - Ofelia Olsson

Journal Editor - Ofelia Olsson